First of all my apologies for writing the rest of the Argentina trip so late, I know Ive been back for over a week now and still need to cover Day 13 and more.. The pictures are online now though, via the photos link on the right.

The day 13 was actually very short, so this short story is covering Day 13. (no Im not trying to cheat my way out of this!) The trip from Ushuaia (Terra del Fuego) to Trelew is delayed, so we had to wait in the airport for a while to be able to board, although we were sitting in a nice bar place, together with a mega pancho (that means big hot dog (and yes I can use it in a sentence… Im not sure what Ill get though!)

The flight was short (about 2-3 hours) of which we slept most of the time. We were looking outside the window and see all kinds of Pennisulas, that was quite an impressive view. We didnt manage to get a decent photo from it though, our humble apologies!

Trelew is a city that is about 50KM from Puerto Mandryn, so we take one of the transport busses to our destination… which takes again an hour or so. By the time we arrive it is pitch dark and around 23:50 already, so we decide to have a beer in the bar of the hotel and pre-book our excursion. Sadly there arent any Whale watching excursions on the next day, so we decide to go to the march of the pengiuns…

We walk a little around town to find that it resembles Rotterdam a little bit (very Port-like City.. I wonder whether that is the reason why they call it Puerto Mandryn…. dUh)

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