We wake up for an excursion to go on a nice bus ride for a short ride. To the national park of Ushuaia, where we take the “train ride at the end of the world”. It is a nice small train where we can enjoy the nature and some chats about how the rail road was made, by the prisoners to transport wood and materials back to the prison to be used to build up Ushuaia.

We sit in a nice train wagon with about 50% Argentinians and the rest foreigners. Ofcourse the loud Americans are present as well. They do not seem to get the hint from the locals when they do a “sssst” all together. The American was only listening in on the English translation and was very present with the Spanish explanations.

The train ride is around the National park and is very beautiful, the lakes and the hikes are terrific, you see Eagles and Condors flying over you and see some deers, lamas and other animals (lots of Rabbits, introduced for the wrong reasons, I think it was because they wanted to get rid of Beavers, but Im not sure how or why).

After the national park, we go in the bus again to watch some glaciers and get a nice lunch. On the way back I fall asleep so I dont know alot about the scenery… sorry.. mountain air is not good for me, causes me to sleep!

When we return in the centre/harbour, we take a taxi to the ski lifts and have a nice time in the mountains walking along the glaciers, having a good view over the City and the Beagle River. We have nice gluh-wine and some snacks before returning to the City center. There is still a lot of snow and ice at the glacier, so we have nice winter pictures from there!

There seems to be an important soccer match on, so we decide to do what the locals do and drink and eat pizza whilst watching the soccer match, very nice experience. All Argentinians, male, female, kids are completely obsessed by this. You could hear a needle drop until you hear: ¨GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL¨, this is actually repeated for at least 2 minutes after the goal is scored.

After the match, the restaurant/cafe is completely empty, we finish the pizza and move towards the hotel to catch some ZzZ´s and mentally prepare ourselves for the next excursion.

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