We wake up early, like most days, this time for an excursion around Beagle River. This is one of the rivers that connects the Pacific with the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the major connection points for the Ushuaia habour. The weather in the early morning is terrific (Jacques woke up early to make nice sun-rise pictures that turned out great… whilst looking on the small screen of the camera)

We take a taxi to the habour, which takes approx 15 minutes and talk there to the excursion agency to get our vouchers and register ourselves (border control and stuff, since it is so close to Chile). The weather still seems to be ok at this point, once in the boat, it is quite rocky, not completely to my liking…

The wind is chilling and very strong, so standing outside is not considered a good idea in my book. We see something that looks like a pinguin although it can fly so technically it is not a penguin. There is a nice light-house along the way and we see some other sea creatures.

By the time we arrive to the old native indian island, it is absolutely freezing and the wind is really strong, so we run outside and we are told that the old native indians were always completely naked and covered themselves in fat of seals and sealions to keep themselves warm. The indians lived there from 7000 years ago till 1934 when the nice colonists either killed them or gave them clothes (whilst covered in fat, they could reasonably float in the water, with clothes they sank)

We have a small hike around the island, as we really are in a hurry to get off, since it is really really cold (as I probably mentioned a few times already), on the boat we get a nice local liquor that keeps us nice and warm inside until we arrive back in the port.

In the port it is lunch time, so we decide to go have tapas in one of the local pubs where we meet a nice Norwegian guy and have a nice long chat about what is happening and wrong in this world… always good to have a deep conversation at the end of the world!

After this we decide to go drinking at the most South Irish pub in the world, where we are served some really good beer and some more and some more… When looking outside on this day, we have seen beautiful sun, rain, hail, snow, wind and all possible elements within only a few hours. 

At around 11pm, all lights go out in complete Ushuaia (apparently happens sometimes when the weather is bad) and we had to wait two-three hours before it was back online again. But we still got beer so we didn´t care that much! 

On the way back we forget our bag, go back for it and nicely drunk we go to sleep!

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