Another nice chilly day in the end of the world. Today is check out day, so that is the first thing we do. We have a late flight to Port Mandryn/Trelew, so we have a small excursion first. This time it is a 4×4 tour through the rough land of Ushuaia/Terra del Fuego (Land of Fire).

The 4×4 tour was super, riding over very rough terrain, we were stuck a few times so needed to get out. We saw a lot of birds and some beaver lodges. After that we had a nice walk on the river side and after that a nice bbq lunch with steak and sausages. We met some nice Americans and actually had a political conversation (and we weren´t even invaded after that!), just kidding, really nice guys.

We had some additional wine which made the ride back more interesting -evil grin-. But I fell a sleep so didn´t really see that much on the way back! At the airport we waited for a few hours and then we were off to Trelew.

I really liked Terra del Fuego, nice city (quite big, with harbour and border guard/army base) and the food and company was overall quite enjoyable!

The airports are not really big in Argentina, but they are quite nice. I think most of them were built around 2000 and have more or less the same items for sale (tourism heh). They are a lot cleaner and nicer than I expected them to be. The airplanes are new and nice as well, I am pleasantly surprised with Airlineas Argentinas, although sometimes we do show up for a flight that doesn´t exist and we need to wait some additional hours.

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