On the ninth day, we travel from El Calafate to Ushuaia also known as the most Southern City in the world, also known as ¨The End of the World¨.

After a nice short flight of about 1.5 hours, we land in a chilly but not cold city. The airport is very small and people are queueing to get their bags.

We collect the bags and had towards the sign that says ¨Crawford¨, which is good enough for me. We end up in a cab, that drives on roads that look familiar to be from Sakhalin. The mountains are towering above me and it looks very beautiful around. Soon we reach the town/city of Ushuaia, which I find is surprisingly big (approx 20.000 people or so). We pass a large harbour and large city with lots of lights. We end up on a nice hill with a good view of the surrounding mountains (that end up being mountains from Chile).

We go to the center for some food and find a nice restaurant called Tante Sara, this without translating, it is really called like that. So we think it is a good start for food eventhough for Argentian standards we are eating early (that being 7pm). So we order a Tante Sara Steak special, and it is absolutely perfect… well grilled steak, topped with cheese, beacon and eggs.

We take the local beer (Beagel, as in the dog) to wash it down with pleasure. After that we go for some more drinks but go to sleep as all the mountain air aka oxygen is making us very sleepy.

We already booked some excursions for the next few days to keep us occupied 🙂

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