The morning starts by waking up early in the morning at 4:00 after going to bed at 1:00, so we are both a little bit tired. We get picked up by the taxi drives and we get transported (mainly sleeping) to Schiphol airport The queue is already there when we arrive and we need to wait an hour or so before it is our time to check in. After checking we head off to our gate which happens to be nearly at the end of Schiphol. We board the plane and sit next to Dutch people from either Brabant or Limburg that do not know the definition of shutting up.

One of those situations where you think… what did we do.. After a delay of one hour we arrive in Madrid and have to run to our plane in order to be on time… And then we have to wait 2 1/2 hours before we actually leave… Iberia is not good at keeping track of passengers and hence they ´lost´ one passenger… on the plane… terrific isn´t it. We have to id ourselves to make sure we are who we say we are (they don´t seem to know who sits at what spot). Anyways no really annoying loud people here so after 10+ hours we arrive in Guatemala.

In Guatemala we get on our transfer taxi and after a few hours (and some detours) we arrive in the hotel, get some money from the ATM machine (that charged us three times the amount), get some nice Mexican food at Frieda´s and get some ZzZ´s.

The next morning is walking through the city, eating and enjoying the sun. The city view looks like any other Hispanic type of country, very colourful and nice people. A meal costs around 7-10 euros a person, a bottle of Rum costs about 5 euro (real brands no brand less crap) but a bottle of wine is very expensive (in comparison).

We walked past some churches and had some nice views of the volcanos near Antigua. We had lots of problems with Cash Machines, so we had to call the Postbank to try and find out what happens… Today we have to travel to another city, so we´ll let you know how it goes from there 🙂 so far.. nice weather, good food and enjoyable scenery.

Kisses, Mike & Fleur

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