Hi all,

We arrived in Pana after a 3 hour bus ride through the mountains , lots of twists and turns.
The hotel is called Utz Be which means in Maya something like good house. The people are very nice, we get a kind of bungalow on top of another, with a small 2 person bed, but still a nice room. We walk around town and to the shore of the lake, very crowded but pleasant. Lots of merchants and shops selling crafts. We decide to book a hike with one of the owners of the hotel.

The hike is planned for the next day, so we go to sleep after eating at a nice Uruguay steakhouse. The next morning we wake up early and head of with Sergio and his two German Sheppard. The walk is gorgeous and the view is terrific, no tourists in sight. It takes us approx. 3 hours up and 2 hours down, but Sergio keeps us entertained with Mayan history and stories of his life. Very recommended to everyone! Afterwards we drink some beers with Sergio until we are tired and fall asleep after dinner.

The next morning we have an excursion that was pre-arranged, we have no idea where to go so we ask Sergio and he is very helpful and after the 45 minute boat ride we meet up with Perez, sadly he doesn’t speak any English so that was a shame. We go to some small companies like weavers and craftsmen to look at how they do their work and of course have to drop by their shop. We end up with 2 paintings and a nice scarf 🙂 We wait an hour or so in the sun for our express boat back.

We walk more around town, have some lunch and dinner and end up playing cards in the lobby. Today we will walk around some more until we travel to Chici (the biggest market in Guatemala).

Kisses, Mike & Fleur

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