Happy new years in advance!!

Hope you all have a great party! We went by bus to Tikal, the place is quite nice, very large temples, you can climb some and see a large extend of the tropical rain forest. Tikal reminds me a little bit of Disney land of the Maya temples. Between the trees all the leaves have been neatly cleaned up. You see signs of jaguar crossings, some kind of ant eaters crossings and some type of birds… like they can read the signs (we didn´t see any of these animals though).

The walks in the Tikal area were nice and we had an English guide which helped a lot and two friendly Americans. After returning from Tikal we had a day of rest and we walked around, had some nice food and packed. The day afterwards we travel to Caye Cauker, an island in Belize. Very Caribbean like, nice weather, a bit windy but very enjoyable. We did snorkling and walking around the island, we met up with a very nice couple, Alex and Billy at one of the grill places, where we had lobster and red snapper… absolutely lovely food! (we ate there the next day as well).

The snorkling was excellent, we swam with Sting Rays and lots of other colourful fish. In the evening we met up with Billy and Alex again, and they sang a lot in the karaoke bar. The day after we relaxed on the beach, chatted and bought some souvenirs (and ate lobster and … another fish steak) From Caye Cauker we took a flight to Punta Gorda (PG), well actually one small flight (2-3 person aircraft) and a slightly bigger one (12-15 people).

Punta Gorda is a very small town that is only used as a hub between Belize and Guatemala. We stayed at a very nice cottage place (Hickatee cottages), which had very nice spacious cottages and nice food. The staff was very friendly, they designed their place very nicely with nature. We biked around to the river and a small Maya town and hiked around the trails they have made themselves. We got stung a lot…. that was too bad.

The next day we travel by boat (1 hour) to Guatemala, and take the bus for 5 hours to Guatemala City, where we are now in the Best Western… tomorrow we travel to Antigua 🙂

Hugs and Kisses, Mike & Fleur

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