El Calafate, Day 7

After hiking in Bariloche, my knee still hurts, but it is time for another nice tour in Argentina!

We start in the morning to drive to a mountain range where some of the tourists go in a 4×4 to go on tour, two girls from Leeds go on horseback and Jacques and myself end up hiking up the same mountain to end up at the same place to have lunch.

The hiking was terrific, even though I was limping most of the time, we end up in nice woods with some creeks and another part was covered still in snow and we walk back through the valley to a nice little building that is the end destination. The distance was not very far, only 5km or something, but is was difficult to hike up and down the mountain most of the time.

Our hiking guide was the owner himself and he had great stories about the area, how his company started and the nature around the mountain. The rest of the staff was super as well, including the dog that was always happy to see anyone and herd the horses (I think he was the core of the whole company, without pay of course)

We end up on the same table as the two English girls from Leeds. They were the most challenging people so far, their vocabulary was … most probably not installed until the next version. They finished their English Uni and to be honest, their accent was not that bad, but the most common words coming out of their mouth was ¨Uh¨ and ¨Yeah¨, and of course with a lot of giggling.

The lunch was absolutely great, we had all the grilled steak and chicken we wanted… and that ended up being quite a lot… so that did cover the dinner part for us as well.. and as I had quiet a big dinner the night before I was stuffed in no time!

After the bus returned back and we were still in stuffed phase, we ended up relaxing near the hotel! The hotel staff is very nice and easy to talk to, all of them come from Buenos Aires and are there only for the holiday period to work and the rest of the year (4 months) they are having a holiday.. sounds nice…

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