Bariloche, Day #4

Day 4, wake up from a noisy night that involved a lot of alien fighting and helicopters landing…
Anyways, complained a few times and they found out that the water pipes have an air-bubble in it… exactly.. that is what I would have said!

After the long experiences with Bus 50, we decide to take the bus 20 to the main port for the lake excursions, and see there. We arrive after 1.5 hours at the destination and it looks very nice! The weather is clear and we are considering the lake tour. We decide on the other hand to walk back and see the lakes from a hikers perspective.

I am not a person that is build for walking 26km, so it was a little bit rough for me (that is Mike language for … it was f***ing difficult)

Argentina is the most dog friendly country I know. It is definitely part of the temporary dog adaption program aka temp dog guide. The first dog along the way we called Benji (from the 80s TV show), Benji was a nice little doggy that walked side by side with us for about two km. Dogs use people to cross territories that are guarded by other dogs. After a while we come across a female runner and Benji likes women more (clearly) so we let him go.

About 3 kms further we come across a Golden Retriever, which we called Benji 2 (sorry, creativity was not one of our priorities). He was a nice active dog, tried to lick us a few times. After a few kms we come across some kids playing with their dog. It was clearly love on first sight and the two dogs run into the field/barn/another field and then back to us. The kids tried to get their dog back, but I think the dog was blinded by love, so the kids gave up after 1 or 2 kms.

So now we have two dogs, both are very sweet, but once they find a nice quiet spot they decide to run off… and we were thinking about giving them a room. I see now that Im writing two paragraphs on dogs… my apologies!
The scenery is absolutely stunning, it is about 10 degrees Celsius, nice low sun, a very large lake with both white and grey mountains with the sun bouncing off the water. Ill try to upload pictures in the next few days, otherwise it will be later… trust me it is VERY nice.

After about 20km I start to get really tired so we have a few ice-creams and make up for it. We encounter another dog, but it was a little bit scary… Remember the movie “The Thing” with I believe Kurt Russell, well this was kind of that German Shepherd, only had three legs, and just recovered from an operation so his side was shaved.

What scared Jacques the most is that the dog on three legs could keep up with him… I’m sure hell get over it! After the hotel we go to the Jacuzzi to relax the muscles before going to have dinner. We had steak/salmon, but the restaurant was so bad that Ill not go into it too much. In case anybody is going to Argentina and Bariloche never NEVER under any situation go to “Family Weiss” restaurant.

We buy a lot of chocolate (as Bariloche is known as “Little Switzerland”) to make us feel better about the bad restaurant and head to bed…

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