Buenos Aires Day #2

The day starts fresh with a jet-lag, but that is acceptable for the first few days.

The weather in Buenos Aires is superb… it is lovely warm sunny weather, and to my very surprise the center is not really that big, we walked around for a couple of hours… of course stopped at nearly every chocolate or ice-cream shop.. the prices for clothes, leather are very cheap. Although not all to my liking, but still, good to remember for the last few days (when I return to Buenos Aires to leave back to NL) so I can stock up…

I might have returned with leather pants if I had my mid-life crisis already, but for now I´ll settle with the local chocolate (no comparison I know..) After a nice walk, we return to the hotel to read the Lonely Planet ™ to see what the best place is for food… to our surprise there ´should´ be a nice restaurant right around the corner. We go there to have a nice ´pot´ of food (apparently the specialty of this restaurant). Besides the nice food, the service staff is EXCELLENT, they are very nice and … sweet …

Anyways, after a nice bottle of wine and the food we have to head to bed soon as our flight to Bariloche leaves at 07:00 in the morning. All packed and ready to go to the next location… San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia.

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