Bariloche – El Calafate, Day #6

Early in the morning we leave for the airport from the hotel from Hell (still with the same noise… but it can be solved by drinking a lot of Wine, so I found out). The flight should have been at 09:00, so we are there early to have a nice breakfast. Once we check in we find out, that our plane to Buenos Aires is delayed… by 3 hours… giving us 10 minutes in Buenos Aires to change flights, enough to make most people nervous, however we are on holiday so we don´t care that much.

So we get vouchers for … another breakfast… dOw… I´ll return being a real fat b******

Once we land in Buenos Aires we run towards the next gate to find out … that the plane is delayed … as well …

So after yet another long flight we are at our destination… El Calafate.

El Calafate is a ´small´ tourist town in the middle of the Argentinian Andes, the temperature is about 5-7 degrees with a chilly wind, but the view is great with all the glaciers!

We are being picked up by the taxi for the hotel and in 5 minutes we are cruising at 140km/h over a land road towards our cabins (Solaris Du Sur), which is a very nice set of cabins indeed, highly recommended! The staff is excellent and they booked our excursions before we had time to unpack.

We walk to the center of town (but we are picked up by the taxi driver from the hotel and get a free ride!) there I need to get some lip balm as my lips are dry as hell.. So we go to one of the pharmacies to get some lip balm, I have no knowledge about such products so I end up with a brand that also has sun protection… nice I think… so I put it on.

We decide to go to the supermarket to get some water, beer and chips, the regular items for hotel survival. I start to notice that everybody is looking weird at me (and there I thought it was my charm). It ends up that the lip balm is very … very … very brightly pink (and I mean the color that would make Hello Kitty feel jealous)… and Jacques only tells me half way through the store… I´ll never forgive him for this!

After shopping we go to a small Italian restaurant called the Kitchen, and have the best pasta I have ever had in my life… very nice! The wine was also super! So as a desert I want to try something not sweet… so I see something like ¨Pancake with vegetables, meat and cheese¨, so I thought that could be nice… Jacques orders the Pancakes with caramel cream (which is a specialty in Argentina, similar to the condensed milk type from Russia)

The waiter talks to Jacques about my desert and asks whether I really wanted it or whether I was still hungry. Jacques looks confused and says that I´m still hungry. Well… I end up with a desert that is completely lost in translation…

It was about the size of a two person lasagna, filled with vegetables, meat and cheese and a small pancake on top and below… I look completely stunned by the dish and the waiter moves behind me and makes a victory dance for Jacques, who is on the floor laughing out loud…

It was delicious but I think I don´t need anymore food for at least two days ….

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