El Califate, Day 8

Today we wake up early in the morning to be picked up (around 7am,which is early considering we didn’t go to bed until very late..)
We are going on a boat ride through Lago Argentino to see various glaciers and watch some of the Cordillera de Los Andes (sounds fancy huh), the boat ride is fantastic, beautiful view and we make a lot of pictures! We see glaciers on the side, mountain ranges, floating ice everywhere, some eagles flying in the air!

We even get out of the boat to walk near the glaciers where some are broken off and are floating around in a small lake. There we also walk through the national park that is protected, very nice woods, some rabbits and other rodents are roaming the area there, nothing dangerous except for tourists!

We have lunch with a view on floating ice passing us by sitting near to the park ranger (in case one of the rabbits turns on us)
After a few hours of sitting in a boat and enjoying the mountains and glaciers, it is time to go back!

We go to the same Italian restaurant where I got the major ´desert´ and have another nice dinner, the waiter that did the victory dance behind my back, showed up and we had another nice chat (I didn’t order any desert in mortal fear). After a walk back to the hotel (about 3km or so from the Center) we arrive back and decide to have a nice wine at the hotel bar.
The bar woman is the wife of the cook and daughter to a ´wine journalist´ so she recommended a lot of wines and places where to go in Buenos Aires and explained us how to travel through Argentina (so I got some bargaining tips). She and her husband traveled a lot and wanted to go to Europe next year so we have her some tips as well. Had wonderful wines to try and after the busy day it is again time for … zZz

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