Welcome to our site, hope you enjoy the reads here!

We live in  Den Haag  (aka  The Hague ) with two black cats (imagine the luck in that…) Ryo-Ohki and Gremlin (aka Gremmy). I (Mike) live together with  my wife Fleur  and our two kids (Reza and Lasse).

I am a big fan of Japanese cartoons (Anime) and comics (Manga) as well as other geeky stuff (gadgets) and retro gaming.

We all love to travel too (and we sometimes write blogs on some of our trips) and we made a small picture gallery of the nicest locations.

Hope you like this site and happy to hear any feedback to improve.


Sections of the website

 Travel Blogs 


Travel Blogs

Stories about our travels.



Retro gaming

One of my hobbies is playing retro games and play around with different consoles.




I love gadgets and like to discuss them.




Our photos made during our travels.